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Kundalini: Stilled or Stirred?

KUNDALINI Stilled or Stirred?

A master of kundalini is a master beautician and an artistic appreciator of the painting called the universe. This painting is on the canvas of the mind. The painter is the mind. The colours are of the mind. Easle and the brush is of the mind. The wall on which the painting hangs is also the mind. So says the unique lyrical philosophical text titled Yoga-vasishtha. The one who appreciates the painting is a figure painted as part of the painting. Such is the paradox of our division of ‚I‘ and ‚thou‘.

The confluent kundalini which we present in this treatise is the only force of which all the other forces are tributaries. It is the river of unity. When one has taken a dip in this sacred confluence, all s/he can see is beauty and love and exclaims: oh what a beautiful loving world.