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Yoga Sutra Study Material

Yoga Sutra Study Material

The Yoga Sutra Study Material contains following items:


1.) The Yoga Sutra Chapter One: Samadhi-pada Sutra 1-51: A compilation of the audio lectures given by Swami ji in 2006 on the first chapter of the Yoga Sutra covering the first 51 sutras.

2.) The Yoga Sutra Chapter Two: Sadhana-pada Sutra 1-55: In 2006, Swami ji taught the first 55 sutras of the second chapter and explained how we can apply them in our day to day life.

3.) The Yoga Sutra Chapter Three: Vibhuti-pada Sutra 1-55: In the same year he further explained the next 55 sutras of the third chapter.

4.) The Yoga Sutra Chapter Four: Kaivalya-pada Sutra 1-10 & 25-34: In November 2012, he taught the forth chapter. This 10 part series brings to light Swami ji’s mastery of understanding of these complex sutras as a path to liberation.

Yoga Sutra of Patanjali Vol.I Samadhi Pada: with the Exposition of Vyasa: (HIP) This book demonstrates Swami Veda’s ability to take the complex and explain it precisley, with an accuracy par none. The Yoga Sutras are widely known to be the manual of the yogic practices which has since been then extended to be visible in almost all of India’s philosophies, literatures and spirituality. Here, Swami Veda lays the ground work needed for any student to then follow this academic look at Chapter One of the Yoga Sutras. A reference manual which Swami Rama comments “…both a scholar and an accomplished meditator. I have not come across any other commentary that explains the Yoga Sutras in such a clear and brilliant manner.” And Stoma Parker exclaims “This is the definitive scholar translation which will stand for a century at least.”

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